“Describe yourself in three words.” I’ve been given that prompt in nearly every interview I’ve ever had, and yet, I’ve always had trouble answering it. After some serious thought, I’ve finally decided on three adjectives that I feel are accurate and that I’m proud of: loyal, passionate and joyful. I’ve found that I pride myself on my loyalty to my loved ones and to my character. I don’t say “yes” lightly, so I’m passionate about everything I do. In my passions, I find joy.


My favorite items on my resume are my experiences as the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Engagement for Auburn University’s Student Government Association and as a communications intern for Inner Spark Creative Agency. I learned more about myself and my field during those experiences than I ever could have imagined in an undergraduate environment. My SGA advisors and my bosses at Inner Spark poured into me. They prepared me for the world outside of Auburn, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.


Through my time as an Auburn University student, as an intern for numerous organizations and in positions on campus, I’ve had the opportunity to build my portfolio. Writing is one of the reasons I fell in love with public relations. When I was young, I always played around on Paint and Publisher, and the design aspect of PR gives me an outlet for that creativity. While my resume shows the experiences I’ve had, my portfolio shows what I’ve done.


Writing is my favorite and one of the most important aspects of public relations. I’ve had experience writing everything from spunky, personal blog posts to strictly journalistic news stories. Both of those writing styles and everything in between are showcased in my blog. I have the ability to tailor my writing voice to best fit the task at hand. Check out my blog to see my writing samples.

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